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The Property Expert Training Center, Jalan Kenari 6, Bandar Puchong Jaya, 47170, Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia
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New Negotiator Training 新房仲培训课

Many had thought of becoming a property agent, but do not know how and where to start.
Some had become property agents, but do not know how to close deal.
The rest had started closing deal, but do not have a long term profitable-working-mechanism.
We teach New Negotiators / Agents the 6-step Standard Operation Procedure (SOP) of property industry, a systematic and holistic way to build your lucrative business in shortest time.


NNT can achieve: 参与课程可以达到的效果:

1. Act instantly, get listings immediately and kick off the selling process. 

2. Practical clinical training. 

3.Obtain on field experience. 

1. 马上行动,即刻拥有房源(Listings),开启销售。 

2. 实际的临场培训。 

3. 获取实习经验。

New Negotiator will learn: 这三天的课程里新房仲将学习到:

• How to find Listings • Inspection procedure • More than 20 Marketing methods • Viewing method • Basic Negotiation skill • Basic After Sales Service • Successful Closing formula • Basis closing procedure • Title reading • Handling Objections Skill • 寻找房源方法 • 勘察房产程序 • 超过20种方法行销房产 • 检视房产的方法 • 基本谈判技巧 • 基础售后服务法 • 成功成交方程式 • 基础签单法 • 读取地契 • 处理反对意见的心态

Best deal!!! 超值附送:

• Basic Facebook Marketing • Real Estate transaction process training • Bank loan process and procedure • Property Guru Marketing Method • The Edge Property Marketing Method • Wonderlist Marketing method • Klang Valley realtors network • Communicate with GURU Fan • 基础 Facebook Marketing • 房产交易过程培训 • 银行贷款程序 • Property Guru 行销法 • The Edge Property 行销法 • Wonderlist 行销法 • 巴生谷房仲人脉 • 与范老师交流讨论

Introduction of The Property Expert and Speaker: 讲师与The Property Expert 团队简介:

*No.1 Malaysia R.E.N. GURU *Formulated Real Estate Sale Cycle *Created Successful R.E.N. Formula *Founder of THE PROPERTY EXPERT *BOVAEA certified CPD Speaker * seminar speaker * seminar speaker * seminar speaker *Wonderlist App event speaker *Property Insight Expo speaker *Propert Kingdom Expo speaker *21 years of training experience,16 years of real estate industry experience and delivered more than 260 seminars in 3 years • 全马唯一华语房地产经纪课程“超级 R.E.N.”创办人 • 第一位马来西亚 R.E.N. GURU • 首创销售循环理论 • 首创成功 R.E.N. 模式 • 唯一BOVAEA认证 华语CPD 讲师 • THE PROPERTY EXPERT 创办人 • 研讨会讲师 • 研讨会讲师 • Property Insight 产业展讲师 • Wonderlist 交流会讲师 • Propwall 研讨会讲师 • Property Kingdom 产业展讲师 • 拥有21年培训经验,16年房地产实战经验和3年里超过260堂演讲

Our achievements over the past 2 years: 过去两年我们造就了:

• 3 realtors get first, second and third place in their Agency • 1 realtor made RM260,000 commission in single transaction • 1 realtor made RM400,000 commission in single transaction • 1 realtor sold 9 commercial shop in single transaction (sub sale) • 1 realtor sold 12 million of 2 condos in single transaction (sub sale) • 2 Principals • 2 realtors earned more than RM500,000 yearly income • 4 realtors made RM250,000 commission in single transaction • 5 PEA • 5 realtors earned more than RM400,000 yearly income • 7 realtors made RM100,000 commission in single transaction • 11 realtors earned more than RM300,000 yearly income • 22 realtors promoted to be Team Leader / Manager of their agency • 23 realtors earned more than RM200,000 yearly income • 47 realtors earned more than RM100,000 yearly income • Nearly hundreds of realtor doubled / tripled their yearly income • Hundreds of realtor had become professional real estate negotiator/ agent • 三位各自在各公司第一,第二及第三名的房仲 • 一位单个交易破二十六万佣金的房仲 • 一位单个交易破四十万佣金的房仲 • 一位单个交易(sub sale)卖九间店铺的房仲 • 一位单个交易(sub sale) 卖两间一千二百万的房仲 • 二位Principals • 二位年收入破五十万的房仲

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