Momentum Run 3.3 (Series 3)

MBKS CAR PARK, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia
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Momentum Run 3.3 (Series 3) will be organized at MBKS CAR PARK, KUCHING on 24th July 2016 (Sunday).

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The “Momentum Run” began in 2014 when Kuching’s 1st International Marathon came about. This coming 2016 will see the Momentum Run entering its 3rd edition. The concept behind the Momentum Run was initiated by a group of running enthusiasts from the City Joggers’ Club (CJC) with the main purpose to help Kuching runners train towards their 1st Full or Half Marathon.

The Momentum Run is not intended to be a competitive event. This is mainly because its primary objective is to “build up momentum” towards the Full or Half marathon the particular runner is seeking to participate in.

The 3rd edition of the Momentum Run consists of 3 series where every series will be more challenging, as the mileage towards Half and Full Marathon increases. Runners will be collecting all 3 different series run medals wherein the 3 individual medals can be joined together to become a complete “big medal”.

This year, the 1st series for Momentum 3.0 (“Momentum 3.1”) will be slightly different compared to the 1st series for the earlier two years. Runners will be able to clock in their best time for a 10km run. The Momentum 3.1 will be labeled “CJC President’s Cup” and shall be a competitive run where the Champion of each category will receive RM500 Cash Prize and Trophy sponsored by the CJC.

For the 2nd and 3rd Series of Momentum 3.0, the runs will be maintained as a non-competitive run.

Please find the summary of the 2016 Momentum 3.0 Series as below:-
Momentum 3.1 – 10KM (1 Category Only)
Momentum 3.2 – 15KM (Short Category) or 20KM (Long Category)
Momentum 3.3 – 21KM (Short Category) or 30KM (Long Category)

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