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Master Prannaji has been bestowed the following new knowledge that will help the 5 years Shakti Enlightenment program

1. The most fastest way of getting enlightenment made possible with out extreme sadhanas. As the "old ways" are not possible for normal people to achieve any enlightment while living normal life.You no need to hang around a guru for 20 years or more just to repeat what all ready written . You will roam the world as " spiritual scientist" creating new knowledge.

2. An ability to achieve almost all Riddhis and siddhis and manifestation within 3 years of practice 

3. Have the wealth and prosperity abundance without much effort

4. Cleanse karma and reborn fresh within the 5 years programme by "union of soul" and " union of essense of god". This is much easier and practical even within the current siddha system, vedas or patanjali yoga system

6. The most beautiful is to live full as human being even though you become god itself within.

Criteria to join the programme : 

-Those who wish to join this programe need to be committed for the next 5 years.

- Must have done Advance retreat or Jothi Light retreat 1 & 2 or Inner Power till stage 4

Each year there will be 3 or 4 retreats . Each retreat will be for 3 days

The dates stated are tentative dates

Fee and place of event will be decided soon .


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