Rock Your DIGITAL Business 2016 (Kuala Lumpur) Malaysia

Dwi Emas International School
Dwi Emas International School, Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia
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Rock Your DIGITAL Business 2016 (Kuala Lumpur) Malaysia will be organized at Dwi Emas International School on 4th - 6th November 2016 (Friday - Sunday).

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What happens at Rock Your DIGITAL Business ? 

3 Fascinating, Thrilling Days of Adventure Into The DIGITIZATION OF Your  Business

  • Learn the secrets of Entrepreneurship that every leader follows
  • Discover the cycle and flow of business so you know what’s coming next and how to plan for it
  • Get involved in transforming and fast tracking the success of a business using facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube videos, and applying the latest in technology from google, microsoft and amazon. 
  • Understand what is holding you back from success
  • Find out whether you should lead a team, support a team, be the star player or the rock behind the results
  • Learn how to Franchise and License your ideas
  • Find investors and sponsors for your ideas and business
  • Grow what you have nationally and internationally
  • Be coached by people who have done it, created success, millions of dollars and contributed to the planet
  • Understand the true meaning of social entrepreneur
  • Learn the Scale of Success™ an ancient business tool that controls the flow and cycle of growth
  • Find out the Harvard University cycles of business and where you sit amongst them
  • Benefit by role playing success and failure in a controlled situation
  • Learn to attract investors and sponsors for your ideas and business 


Full immersion into the world of video marketing, facebook client prospecting & grooming, lead generation, email marketing, sales funnels, disruptive technology and the that HOW TO GUIDES TO DIGITIZE Your Business. 

You can enter the business school in one of four catagories, and each participant must choose a level at which they are to play the game. The four catagories are:

  1. Start-ups (Businesses in the Embryonic phase)
  2. Growth (Businesses who have been in existence for 1 – 3 years
  3. Mature (Businesses who are steady and have survived a number of years)
  4. Team Member (You do not own a business but wish to contribute)

On your application you will choose which game you wish to play. You may choose any of the above, regardless of your situation in real life. Each business owner will be asked to fill in a simple one page plan and overview of their business. This must be done in order for that business to be considered by the coaches. The one page plans will be sent to you on registration.

Once you are at Rock Your DIGITAL Business

On arrival at Rock Your DIGITAL Business, you will find yourself in a team with others. This team will succeed or fail based on leadership, communication, spirit and solid adherance to the universal laws that affect all business, that you will find out about.

You will:

  • See plans and businesses grow and develop during the course of the school
  • Compete with other teams in numerous and different ways
  • Learn to be Creative, Collaborate and Connect with others
  • Experience how others see you and feel about your value
  • Witness what happens when ‘QUANTUM’ occurs and also when ‘FEAR’ prevails
  • Experience numerous successes and failures, perhaps personally and within the room
  • Demonstrate how you develop, act under time frames, communicate and react as the course ebbs and flows
  • Discover purpose in your business and career and the reason you do what you do
  • Make friends that will last for years and connect with many other like minded people

You may:

  • Find a team member or business partner for what you do
  • Become involved in someone else’s business in a number of ways
  • Find investors or sponsors for your idea
  • Take home a multi million dollar idea
  • Be approached by one of the head coaches who may wish to participate in a venture with you


Dave Rogers 

With experience in over 33 countries, 17 in international finance and over 23 years in talent management, Dave Rogers will work with you and your mindset in building, nurturing and developing a team that will set the foundations for growth and expansion for you and your business. Dave is a Spirit of Enterprise Award winner, author, investor in more than 13 businesses - 

Anne Tham - Business Systems, Visionary Leadership 

Anne Tham is at the centre of one of the most succcessful stories in private education in Malaysia. What had started as private tuition classes in her house in 1995 has since flourished into an educaton group which includes private tuition, english language centres, and two internation schools. Driven by her ambition and passion for making world class education more accessible, Anne visionary approach to learning is setting the new standards in Malaysia. 

Global SAGE Panel 

Each Rock Your Business we select from our Global SAGES to create a panel. This panel is made up of highly experienced entrepreneurs and experts in their field. As we have businesses entering that are in the embryonic, growth and mature stages our panel is tune with this with expertise in finance, growing business, branding and creating teams. In fact we personally select the coaches so they will cover all the facets and industries with great experience and knowledge. They are there to inspire you, teach you, work with you and guide you.These experts will be your coaches for the entire experience. Our panel is selected from the individuals below.

Matthias Gelber

A professional speaker, international trainer, and businessman, Matthias Gelber emerged as worldwide champion in the award for Greenest Person on the Planet by 3rd Whale in Canada in 2008.

Paul Zaman

 A seasoned investment and business executive coach and advisor. Paul led the equity research and marketing of theworld’s largest A$14Billion IPO of Telstra in 1998. He also structures and analyses private equity deals. Learn the mindset of the investor and how to attract millions to your business.

Maverick Foo 

Maverick Foo - Co-founder of Kickstart, and a serial entrepreneur in talent development, event management, and conferences, Maverick is a renegade entrepreneur.  During Rock Your Digital Business, Maverick unveils some of the best business hacks, most strategic approaches to cheap ass marketing and techiques that will increase sales and add to your your bottom line.

MYSTERY GUEST SPEAKER - TWO SPECIAL GUEST Speakers will be added to share the latest BUSINESS HACKS and Implementing Disruptive Technology 

 From the research of Mike Handcock and Dave Rogers, explore the sacred teachings from Europe, China and South America. From Europe, we will be inviting participants of Rock Your Business to  re-discovery the wisdom of  Pythagorus and his ancient teachings of the 12 Tones of Wealth. From China, the practical business and life experiences will be shared from the ICHING and from South America, Mike will re-open the lessons from the Mayan prophecy and reveal some of the biggest shifts to humanity since 2012. 

“We have got value and incredible ideas and support at every step of our journey with Rock Your Life. Rock Your Business is the icing on the cake where we get to put those ideas into action in a controlled and safe way. You will get clarity.” 
Ron and Ali Beswick (Property Investors)

Who Should Attend Rock Your DIGITAL Business

Anyone may attend. To get maximum value from attending Rock Your DIGITAL Business you should be an entrepreneur, business owner, career minded individual or someone who wishes to commit socially to the planet. Rock Your DIGITAL Business would suit:

  • Business Owners
  • Senior Managers and Executives of Corporates
  • Anyone considering being in business
  • Anyone studying business

A Transformational Journey

Attending Rock Your DIGITAL Business is a transformational journey for any entrepreneur. You will find out more about your self on this journey than working day to day in your business. You will be challenged on this adventure at numerous stages. You will have a greater appreciation of who you are and why you do what you do.

Rock Your Business will focus on your purpose and it will focus on your unique abilities and legacy. It is specifically designed to urge you toward your full potential. You may leave Rock Your DIGITAL Business with different views on life, purpose, business and money than you entered with. Everyone’s journey is different.

You will learn that you always had everything you needed, you may just never have realised how to use it before. You will learn the art of gratitude and appreciation and many of the lost ancient ways that made so much difference to our creations.

Rock Your Business is a chance to step outside of yourself and to look back on yourself in a way that focuses on you and what you truly want, not what the world expects you to be.

“The knowledge you will gain at an event such as this, you will us

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