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Have you ever been to tarot reading, mole reading or bazi reading? When you did that, was your mouth open widely while listening to all the predictions about you? Do you ever admire those people who were gifted with these talents? Some of them might be naturally acquired these skills but the good news is that you could learn and acquire these skills too, with the guidance of proficient teachers in these areas.

Face reading, which is also known as the practice of physiognomy has a long history dates back to centuries in time and it was commonly practiced by Chinese medical practitioners. It is an ancient art of learning the language of the face as people from the past believe that each of our face features can reveal some specific qualities and character of an individual. Even the position and size of each mole you get on your face could let you know some prediction of your future and the masters would usually unveil whether the mole brings good or bad luck to you.

Face reading could you let yourself understand the insights of your own character which you never realize. With the right knowledge of face reading, you could improve your communication with others as well as your quality of life in various aspects including relationships, romance, career, family and more.

In this 3-day only workshop, you will learn:

  • The fundamentals and importance of face reading
  • The highlights and elements of the face including the ‘Five Mountains’ and ‘Five Officers’ (Ears, forehead, eyes, eyebrows, nose, cheeks, philtrum, fa ling, mouth as well as the chin and jaw)
  • Detailed observation methods and tips to apply what you have learned.

More Info : http://www.soleiltrinity.com/categories/Essential-Guides-to-Faces-&-Moles-Workshop,-24th,-25th-&-26th-September-2016,-Kuala-Lumpur/44

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