IF WALLS COULD TALK vol. 22 featuring Azmyl Yunor

Gaslight Cafe & Music
Gaslight Cafe & Music, Jalan Setiamurni (1 - 12), 50490, Bukit Damansara (Damansara Heights), WP Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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IF WALLS COULD TALK vol. 22 featuring Azmyl Yunor will be organized at Gaslight Cafe & Music on 8th September 2016 (Thursday).

* For more information, please visit this website https://www.facebook.com/events/331532487181787/

Poets and poetry lovers, we welcome you to the twenty second session of our poetry and spoken word open mic at Gaslight Cafe & Music.


AZMYL YUNOR is one of the hardest gigging Malaysian indie/underground solo musician for the past decade. He has dabbled in, amongst others, folk rock, punk, free-form instrumentals and experimental noise rock. His new album with his tour band the Sigarettes "Wilayah" is out now. 


HAIQAL is a sensitive soul with a mind of a scientist and a lover of all things cat-related. He is from Team Demigods. 

ARMAND is 12 years old and loves building robots, doing the Dab, and being the newest member of Team Demigods, a bunch of crazy homeschoolers. 

LAURA OON is Team Demigods' resident nightowl and loves to weave fantastic stories online. 

CARA FONG is a 12 year old wanderer into the realms of fantasy and this is her first poetry reading. Part of Skuad Sokong for Team Demigods! 

ARIFF NAQIUDDIN hates eating vegetables. But the thing you hate can sometimes be the best for you. 

DHABITAH ZAINAL is a nocturnal poet who finds comfort in desserts and late night mamak sessions.

SU AISHAH wears many hats for different roles but all she wants to be is a unicorn who farts rainbows

MARIA VISANOIU says she is an "aspiring writer who's looking for her voice and finding honesty and freedom in her writing. Still a beginner in sharing her words with people."

AIMAN AZRI is the kind of guy that will share his every thought, but not fries. 

MANISHA JM used to write poetry to express herself. After switching to a more expressive career, she needs a better reason to write again. 

MEGAT DENNEY is a professional failure hoping for a career change.

HAFIZAH KHAIRUL writes (mostly) about love through the eyes of an observer and never as a lover. Who says you have to be in love to write about love? 

JAZMIN SIEH struggling filmmaker/writer who just made Facebook. 

ASHVIN TIWANA is an 18-year-old Introvert looking to break out of his confort zone. This is his first attempt at an open-mic. 

DANIEL TEOH enjoys getting lost and is a big believer that the pen is mightier than the sword; he thinks swords are still pretty cool, though.


COVER CHARGE: RM18 (inclusive of one drink) 
We would like to pay our featured acts and eventually afford to bring in other great poets of the world to our stage. Your donation will go a long way in helping the spoken word community do so. Gratitude to you. 

1. Look for NEROTECA at Plaza Damansara. On the right side of the restaurant, you will see a stairwell, a Blue Light will be projected on the floor. Walk up the stairs, you will see Blue Elephant, keep walking upstairs, you will hear 60s music, you are close so keep walking up and you’ll see a huge banner saying GASLIGHT cafe. That would be the one. 

2. Try WAZE or Google Maps to Gaslight Cafe. 

3. If all else fails, call Meliza 0124298464

To be part of the next open mic session, send an email to [email protected]
OR fill up our form http://bit.ly/iwct-poets
OR send us a message on our Facebook Page.

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