The Trees and The Wild live in Kuala Lumpur

The Bee @ Publika
The Bee @ Publika, Solaris Dutamas, 50480, Dutamas, WP Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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The Trees and The Wild live in Kuala Lumpur will be organized at The [email protected] on 15th September 2016 (Thursday).

* For more information, please visit this website

The Trees and The Wild Live in Kuala Lumpur is jointly presented by The Wknd Sessions, Soundscape Records and The Bee Publika / Freeform Untitled

Door: RM60
Presale: RM50
Group tickets (3 pax): RM100

Presale tickets available now via

Indonesia’s The Trees and the Wild have a sound that can tie your brain up in knots while you try to classify it, but it will always sooth your ears and lift your spirit. Frontman Remedy Waloni once described his band as “somber tropical”.

The music is really more ethereal than somber. The tropical feeling is definitely there, but, again, it’s hard to pin down. Maybe it’s in the gentleness of their melodies. Their dreamy moments are soft and caressing like warm air and warm water and there’s more to them than their name that seems close to nature. There’s also the complex and organic texture in their music and the patience that reveals itself in each song.

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Saiful Hanif, formed a band called Juno hana (2008) consisting of five members – 4 siblings and 1 close friend. Hanna Halim as the youngest sibling was involved in the songwriting but wasn’t actually a member of the band because she was too young. Juno hana gained a few audiences but after a while most of the members carried on with their lives.

Earlier 2012, Hanna Halim at the age of 15, started songwriting again and wanted to pursue a proper music career. By 2013 Saiful and Hanna decided to form a band called Juno and Hanna as a recognition to the band juno hana in collaboration with Hanna Halim.

They mash their unique personalities together to create the music whereas Hanif mostly handles the beats and construction of the music while Hanna creates the melody and writes the lyrics. Most of their songs consist of looping in general, they claim it is to emphasize on a certain beat before moving on to the next.

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