An Invitation to the Opening Reception of 'Journey'

PORT commune
PORT commune, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
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An Invitation to the Opening Reception of 'Journey' will be organized at PORT commune on 16th - 29th October 2016 (Sunday - Saturday).

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ARTO MOVEMENT with the collaboration of PORT Commune, Rumah Kachang and Studio Kulat presents the JOURNEY exhibition which showcasing 15 artworks from 15 young contemporary artists that will be on display from 16th to 30th October 2016. This exhibition will introduces 15 young contemporary artists; Amirul Iman, Amirul Roslan, Akhmal Asyraf Azri, Aiman Shahfri, Faidah Nazeri, Fitriah Roslan, Haziq Syawal, Ikhwan Zulkarnain, Izzat Hamdan, Khaliq Az-Zahi, Mnhafiz Hamzah, Putra Nazri, Syafiq Adib, Syukur Rani and Shirhan Samsul Bahri. 

PEDU as they call themselves is a group of 12 individuals who share a studio space known as Studio Kulat at Seksyen U12, Shah Alam. As for this exhibition; JOURNEY, Studio Kulat collaborate with Rumah Kachang; neighboring studio and co-organize this exhibition with the help of ARTO Movement.

Life is a journey. Life will always be about a journey. Each of us will face the journey on a contorted road dotted with bumps and craters. For each one of us, the journey may offer life-changing experiences, but it is ultimately the destination that motivates us to overcome the obstacles and achieve our goals. May the obstacles as high as the Everest or the pit as dark and deep as the Mariana Trench, we will go forward as the destination that motivates us may be something that we hold close to. Journeys may be a series of self-exploration throughout one’s life. These journeys are the basis of human experience in this world and are inevitable, as in every new situation a journey starts. A journey changes people, as it is enlightened. Each one of us has his or her goal whether to achieve or are still looking for it. The purpose of life is to pave road towards the hereafter. When we are talking about the journey, it is such a broad scope yet it is up to the respective individual to determine which road to take and with each road taken, it will helps make us grow mature and wise.

JOURNEY is a series of well thought and executed by the group and consists of 15 paintings that will show the journey taken by each of the artist in order to pave a brighter future. Each of us has our own road to take, it may be the same path, yet does it will lead us to the same finale? 

In JOURNEY, they will share about their ideas, journeys taken and will show us the narratives that will help the finding of an answer for this question that surely will not going to end soon.

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