The Rojak Party #1

Charlie's Cafe
Charlie's Cafe, Kuala Lumpur, WP Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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The Rojak Party #1 will be organized at Charlie's Cafe on 16th October 2016 (Sunday).

* For more information, please visit this website

Hey Malaysia! Guess what? The Rojak Projek is having our first Rojak Party for our Phase 2 : Rediscovering Each Other journey! These parties will happen on the 16th of every month until May 2017 to reinforce the idea of Malaysia, for all Malaysians.

The Rojak Party is an event where we would like to create an environment of makan, sharing, learning and embracing from and with each other to explore what it means to be a united nation.

There will be a few things that would be happening throughout the night for us all to enjoy as we bring you and involve you in our Phase 2 journey. Leave your hesitation at the door and jom join us in our new chapter to bring more love to Malaysia!


Entrance: Bring along your Rojak Party Ticket for entry from your#HungryMail purchase or get a pack at the door for RM35 :)

6pm: Registration
7pm - 7.30pm: The Story of Us
7.30pm - 10pm: Makan (included), Mingle + Rojak Party Activities

The Story of Us by Faye Lim
The sharing of The Rojak Projek's journey and how all Malaysians can have a part to play in lifting Malaysia up.

The Rojak Party Activities:
1) Makan Memories
Remember when you were 10 and you'd wake up to the smell of Milo, and now all it does is remind you of your mother’s love and care for you? That nostalgia of growing up is something we would never forget, what more when it involves food that touches these memories? We would love to be part of your nostalgia as we discover how deep does food go in our everyday lives... Share with us the Makan Memories that brightens your day as we document it during the party!

2) B&W Portrait Photography
- Jon Cool
We will be capturing your B&W Portrait, preparing the transformation of the idea of 'Colour-Blindness' to 'Colour-Embracing', so bring you and your best smile :) These portraits would be available for you on a dedicated Facebook album.

3) Makan Mana?
- Rachel Lee
As we begin our journey of Rediscovering Each Other, we will need all the information we can get! A secret makan place or a quiet stall that not many people know about, or even muhibbah locations that we wouldn’t want to miss in our documenting journey. Alone, we don't know much about food around all the states of Malaysia but together, we’ll be able to cover much further and much deeper!

4) “I Friend You” Video
- Moviemento Productions
We'd love to walk down memory lane with you and capture your short stories, and with "I Friend You", we'd like to document stories of friendships and would have a corner set up to capture these messages. It could be how you met, funny stories, annoying stories or even angry ones. Anything that revolves around the friendship of you and the friends you bring along to the Rojak Party!


There's a lot happening for The Rojak Projek these coming months and we would really love to welcome you to come with us on this journey as we continue to do the best we know how to in inspiring Malaysian unity! Whether it's big or small group, we are here to share what we've learn so everyone can bring something back with them.

So let's join together, have fun, and spread the Malaysian love :)
#therojakprojek #therojakparty

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