Why startups come to Taiwan? - AppWorks 馬來西亞見面會

Mines Convention Centre (MIECC)
Mines Convention Centre (MIECC), Seri Kembangan, 43300, Seri Kembangan, Selangor, Malaysia
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Why startups come to Taiwan? - AppWorks 馬來西亞見面會 will be organized at Mines Convention Centre (MIECC), Seri Kembangan on 21st October 2016 (Friday).

* For more information, please visit this website https://www.facebook.com/events/1337615326271571/

AppWorks Accelerator: appworks.tw/accelerator/
有興趣申請 AppWorks Accelerator Class #14 的創業家,我們將在馬來西亞舉辦第二場海外說明會,別錯過囉!

近年, Garena、BeeTalk、Carousell、Paktor 等網路公司都不約而同將台灣視為拓展海外市場的首選,與此同時,AppWorks Accelerator 也孕育了許多從海外來台創業的團隊,這多年累積下的海外勢力,不僅為台灣網路產業注入了一股新活水,更進一步帶動東南亞六億人口市場的蓬勃發展。台灣市場發展數位經濟已超過 20 年,2015 年台灣的電商產值已超過整個東南亞電商產值總和,裡面有很多商業模式值得大家從中學習,並透過在地化應用到東南亞市場。過去,許多海外創業者來台創業,但對台灣創業圈所知不多,為了幫助大家認識環境、認識傳說中的 AppWorks mafia (創業家社群)、解答申請加速器的問題,這次我們將飛往馬來西亞,與各位創業家會面,並接受各位的提問。在現場,AppWorks 分析師 - Gaga (劉佳倫) 會針對 Accelerator Program 所提供的資源及申請細節進行解說;AppWorks 投資經理 - Brandon (江旻峻) 還會加碼分享東南亞市場分析,並說明台灣市場如何成為讓網路服務 / 產品走向國際的推手。想申請 AppWorks 加速器的創業者,歡迎 10/21 (Fri.) 15:00 到 MIECC (Cinta Alam 3 會議室, Level 2) 來認識我們。

AppWorks Accelerator Class #14 is calling all aspiring startup founders! More and more successful Internet companies, such as Garena, BeeTalk, Carousell and Paktor, are choosing Taiwan as a top priority in their regional expansion. Taiwan has been developing digital ecomony over 20 years. The EC market size is even bigger than the sum of SEA EC market. There are lots of internet business models that you can learn from. And you can make these models localized to fit for your home market. In earlier years, AppWorks Accelerator has also seen more and more startups applying to our program from other countries!

This time, we fly to Malaysia to share how AppWorks empowers the founders and startups, we will be throwing an orientation for applicants (the Accelerator Program, co-working spaces, and the solid startup community) . Of course, you can ask us any questions about the accelerator program face-to-face. Gaga Liu, AppWorks Analyst, will introduce the Accelerator program. Brandon Chiang, AppWorks Associate, will speak on why Taiwan attracts international startup, and how the SEA market would evolve in next years. Join us at 15:00 on OCT. 21st Cinta Alam 3 Room, Level 2 @MIECC!

15:00-15:20 Intro to AppWorks Accelerator, by Gaga Liu, Analyst, AppWorks
15:20-16:00“The Internet Startups start Taiwan, expand to SEA” Sharing by Brandon Chiang
16:00-16:30Open Floor

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