Debating Turkey's Future

MCCHR Pusat Rakyat LB
MCCHR Pusat Rakyat LB, Kuala Lumpur, WP Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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Debating Turkey's Future will be organized at MCCHR Pusat Rakyat LB on 30th October 2016 (Sunday).

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Recent events following Turkey’s failed coup d'état signifies the Turkish military’s waning influence in the public sphere. In the past, the secular military had played a significant role in the Turkish republic. In 2007, they had the highest levels of public trust - more than any other national institution at the time. But this has greatly diminished under the Erdogan administration which many critics argue has become increasingly authoritarian. 

This puts to question the future of freedom and democracy in Turkey besides the increasing social friction between pro-secular and pro-Islamist movements. 

Join us this Sunday with Dr Bican Sahin, Chairman of the Freedom Association in Ankara for an intimate discussion on Turkey’s future.

Dr Bican Şahin is the Chairman of the Freedom Research Association in Turkey. He is also an associate professor at Hacettepe University. His doctorate in political science and government is from the University of Maryland, USA.

Aizat Shamsuddin, Komuniti Muslim Universal

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