Kala Utsav Mela

SJK(T) Melaka (Kubu)
SJK(T) Melaka (Kubu), Melaka City, Melaka, Malaysia
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The Kala Utsav Mela by The Temple of Fine Arts is back this time featuring a concert embodying an amalgamation of classical indian and western music by Ekatva . This would be followed by a scrumptious Indian Vegetarian feast lovingly prepared by the well acclaimed Annalakshmi restaurant.  Drawing from the Sanskrit script, “Ekatva” describes the concepts of oneness and unity, which is fundamental to the drive behind the music that emanates from this 4-piece band. A reflection of these concepts, Ekatva is conceived by the coming together of Indian instruments such as the Sitar, Tabla and the Mridangam, which work in harmony with the versatile Western Guitar to bring to life a unique genre of music that is both fresh and vibrant. Akin to the diverse background and origin of the four musicians, Ekatva’s music is an amalgamation of different styles of music, embracing the rich cultures of the East and the West in the same space.


Melding the creative expressions of its four musicians, Ekatva strives to promote the concepts of Oneness & Unity in today’s world, through the form of its musical narrative. 

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