The Positively Powerful Women Empowerment Workshop

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What To Expect: 

The Positively Powerful Transformational 3-Day Empowerment Training is an opportunity for you to uncover and redesign the conversations and underlying beliefs out of which you live your life such that you experience a profound shift in the way you relate to yourself and to others, your leadership, possibilities, circumstances and womanhood. 

This is an empowering program of inspiration, information and motivation using active learning and experiential processes to embrace the whole essence of womanhood: the physical, emotional, mental and relational.

Program Benefits: 

You will discover ways you can make an incredible difference in the quality of your life, community and career. You will explore trust, intimacy, freedom, friendship, love and forgiveness, intention and purpose, "against all odds", "the story". The three will days fly by. You will leave on Sunday with outcomes that include insight and perspectives about how you show up, embrace and manage change, enhance relationships and find happiness. 

Training Design: Agreements, fun learning activities, experiential education, lecturettes on transformational principles, coaching, learning circles, personal sharing, introspection and dialogs. 

Testimonial: After less than one hour of working with Dr. Joel, Instead of seeing myself as handicapped, I see myself as the big full of life person that I am. What was this one hour worth? I would lose opportunities to grow to fulfill my purpose, to have a voice of confidence. This was priceless, worth more than a $ million. 

Dr. Joel Martin's Journey To You: International transformational trainer, executive coach, trainer of trainers, MA Psychology, PhD Communications, Wharton Fellow Business School, wife and mother. She has dealt with bumps in the road and is still climbing. She is a woman's advocate unconditionally committed to creating better lives with and for all people. Considered “a genuine genius in her approach to personal transformation”, she has worked with Fortune 500, educational, nonprofit and entrepreneurial organizations across the U.S. and internationally. For eight years, she's produced the award-winning Positively Powerful Woman Awards, which honor diverse woman leaders making a sustainable global difference. 

Do you have big dreams? Want to get your vision happening quicker? Make a bigger impact? Want to take your life to the next level? Find your own voice, joy, creativity, love and life…the special unique essence that is you? This Positively Powerful Woman Program will take you further into the life you aspire to create with a woman as your guide who has traveled the world and has come to Malaysia with skills to share.

# Training will be conducted in English with Mandarin translation. 







你有大梦想吗?希望你的愿景更快实现?想有更大的影响?想要你的生活更上一层楼?寻找自己的声音、喜悦、创造力、爱与生活… 这个特别又独树一帜的本质是你吗?这个女性力量工作坊将引领你创造你梦寐以求的生活!这个工作坊的导师,她周游列国,这次她将来到马来西亚,分享她丰富的经验和高效的培训技能

# 以英语进行,华文翻译。

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