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Founded in 2015, the company is headquartered in the Middle East Dubai, the same year, Shenzhen Branch - Shenzhen grid Geite Financial Services Limited, in July 30, 2015 to 100 million yuan of funds incorporated, settled in Shenzhen Nanshan The Companies focus on the development of the oil field, from the "oil exploration", "oil field development", "oil and gas gathering and transportation", "oil refining" and offline spot trade, online futures trading are involved. In the economic market cohabitation, authenticity difficult to distinguish the situation, the style of "strong, legal, humane, sustained" and has an absolute advantage of the "open and transparent, flexible and free" investment mechanism, quickly obtained From the rest of the world's investors recognized and follow, in a very short period of time to "Star of the fire Liaoyuan" trend, the rapid development of business to Australia, India, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong 10 More than countries and regions. The company uphold the "careful management, stable profit" business philosophy, leading from all areas, around the world of professional high-quality elite talent, integrity-based, determined to make progress and work together to become the world's largest energy company is one of its commitment Not moving the goal.

Specialized operation

Refers to the enterprise only in a product area for production, sales and management, the advantage lies in the concentration of all human resources, material and financial resources in a field of development, the use of high efficiency, professional level, so that enterprises can more seriously Study the prospects of their own industry development, so as to develop appropriate development strategies to improve corporate reputation and achieve greater efficiency. Fang Geite specializes in the development of the field of oil, and strive to achieve through the focus of professional, through professional excellence, through excellence continue to catch up with the world's best oil companies, to create a comprehensive international energy company, grid special sonorous pace Will be resounding the world.

About Oil

Oil is a viscous, dark brown liquid, studies have shown that oil production takes at least 200 million years time, is a non-renewable energy; mainly distributed in the Middle East, has proven reserves of 1012.7 billion tons, about Accounting for 2/3 of the world's total reserves, of which 62.5% are located in Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Qatar and Kuwait and other countries and regions; mainly used as fuel and gasoline, but also many chemical industrial products, "Industrial blood".

The importance of oil

Oil and the people's daily life are inseparable, whether it is basic necessities or eating and eating, all kinds of fabrics, industrial raw materials, daily necessities and so on need to rely on oil processing can be completed; the oil industry is the basic industry of the national economy, , Oil and tobacco, petrochemical, power together to become the "four King Kong" no oil, there can be a strong state of the national economy; In addition, oil is still an important strategic material, and national strategy, global politics and strength close Intertwined, affecting the situation in the world. Therefore, oil and people's daily life and the city, the country's development is closely related, it can be said that who mastered the oil supply and pricing power, you can master the world's economic lifeline. Prospects for oil In the era of financial crisis, a new round of industrial revolution at the core of energy change has swept the world, and as oil demand continues to grow, the global oil industry is experiencing the most significant change since OPEC's embargo in 1973. Driven by high oil prices and technological progress, the world's super giants, major oil-producing countries and independent consortium tycoons have entered the field of oil, which also indicates that the oil industry for a long period of time there is still a huge market prospects.

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