24 Festive Drums' France Tour Experience Talk and Screening

The Whiteaways Arcade
The Whiteaways Arcade Beach Street George Town Penang Malaysia
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24 Festive Drums France Tour Sharing Experience

with a private screening by Lim Chee Yong

Date: 02/09/2017

Time: 2.30pm

Location: The Whiteaways Arcade

Right after 45 days of travelling with 24 Festive Drums which end at 22nd August 2017, Orang Orang Drum Theatre and JB Drum Team would like to share their experience with Malaysian audience. They have been travel to eight villages at France (Menitré, Aleçon, Pont l’Abbé, Le Pu yen Velay, Montignac, Port sur Saône, Confolens, and PLozévet) to participate in folklore dance and music festival. How is this international cultural exchange means to them and also what does it means to their homeland, Malaysia? They would like to have a conversation with the audience meanwhile sharing some photos and videos of this trip. This session will follow by a private screening by Lim Chee Yong. The director had follow the team for about 2 years to make a documentation about the passion of pursuing their dream in the performing art career. 


Private screening by Lim Chee Yong: 

What if we are not dreaming anymore, will your life change? 

On the way of building your dreamland, do you leave any regret? 

I will give you a chance to choose again, will you continue on this road? 





About Orang Orang Drum Theatre

"We sing, we play, we feel in the chaotic city," is the slogan of Orang Orang Drum Theatre. Living in a multi cultural city, the team is keen on composing music combined with different kinds of music instruments of different cultures; such as Malay (Gendang, Kompang), Orang Asli (Kuling Tangan), Chinese (Shigu), Indian (Dhol) and also world music instruments (shaker, djembe, etc.) Vocal expression and body performance are also two important elements in their work.

The team have participated in various festivals in Malaysia (Kakiseni International Arts Festival, Malaysia International Puppet Festival 2015, (MIPF), Pangkor Island Festival, etc) and internationally (Taiwan Yunlin Arts Exchange program, Indonesia Arts Island Festival, Phuket String Puppet Festival). In 2015, they have invited to two international festivals in Europe: Venice Open Stage 2015 and Danse en Ville at Belgium and Germany. With their first production, "Hidup Ini Senget", the team had nominated in 4 awards of 12th BOH Cameronian Awards and won The Best Original Music Composition and The Best Group Performance.


Watch our highlights trailer: https://youtu.be/S67Is_cFkzs

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