Paediatric Healthcare Moxibustion Workshop 小儿保健艾灸示范工作坊

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让孩子不适时以天然的自身免疫系统辅助调节释愈,远离打针吃药所带来的副作用。今天就报名参加我们在GK 有机农场的小儿保健艾灸示范工作坊学习预防,疗愈和保护幼儿生病时的状况。

A natural and safe way to treat your kids while sick and discomfort without giving drugs and injections which may harmful to them. Come and join us to learn how to help them to prevent,cure and to get protection away from sickness at Gk Organic Farm,bangi.

Personal Profile; 个人简介

Dr. Of TCM Khor Sea Moon; 许丝敏中医师 营养顾问

Name: Khor Sea Moon (Dr. Of TCM & Nutrition Advisor)

D.O.B: 1978

Sex: Female


  • Impotencies and gynaecology issues(herbal remedies)
  • Abdominal acupuncture
  • Facial acupuncture
  • Nutritional and healthy eating advisor


  • Currently studying TCM Doctorate in Gynecology at Nanjing University, China
  • Master Degree in TCM from Heilongjiang University, China
  • Baba (hons)degree, Robert Gordon University, Scotland UK
  • ACUPUNCTURE specialisation diploma, KLATCM TCM degree, KLATCM
  • Diploma in diet & nutrition for complementary therapist, ITEC UK
  • Diploma in counselling, local college
  • Attended TCM specialist courses from time to time.
  • “ Long sha medical school eighth batch of transmission of disciples
  • Have been practising TCM for more than 14 years since 2002, specialised in abdominal acupuncture and herbal description to assist in impotencies, to help ladies in pre and post natal issues, slimming and beauty therapies and nutritional advices for health retaining. Conducting medical vision services locally and overseas to benefits people from sickness.

姓名: 许丝敏(中医师 营养顾问)

出世年份: 1978

性别: 女

专长治疗 :

  • 不孕症与妇科疾病(经方)
  • 腹针疗法
  • 美容针灸
  • 营养饮食顾问

学历 :

  • 现进修南京中医药大学妇科博士学位
  • 黑龙江中医药大学硕士学位
  • 吉隆坡中医学院中医学学士
  • 英国商业工商管理大学学士 Robert Gordon University Scotland, UK
  • 吉隆坡中医医学院中医针灸专业文凭
  • 英国ITEC-营养管理专业文凭
  • 多次参加本地与海外,南京及厦门中医药大学中医高级进修课程及心理辅导课程
  • 龙砂医学流派第八批传承弟子
  • 自2002年开始从事中医及保健的专业,现已超过十四年的经验。 一直从事的专业在妇科疾病为首。 除了以方药治疗,另外还专注于腹针针就疗法解除妇女身体的疾病及瘦身,并且提供营养及减肥策划给大众。多次举办保健讲座和过内外义诊活动让更多民众远离病苦。

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Terms and Conditions

  • 1 Adult + 1 Kid below 12 Years Old
  • 2 Hours of Moxibustion therapy demo on kids healthcare
  • 1 set of Moxibustion therapy set and handout
  • Farm visiting & health talk by farm owner
  • Alluring organic vegetarian buffet lunch for 2 pax
  • Free flow drinks, snacks, and fruits