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A New Concept
Using massage in schools is quite a new concept in modern day society. Although massage, in some native and traditional cultures, is as old as mankind itself, it is only in the past century that science has been able to explain the benefits of massage.

When the profession of massage therapists became recognised in modern society, studies regarding massage began to emerge everywhere. The studies give credibility to the practice of massage itself as a tool for health, stress management and well being.

MISP for Children from 4-12 years old
When the founders put this programme together they discussed, in depth, which ages would be suitable. The study of child development as well as our respective experiences in pre-school, day care centres and schools led us to the range of 4-12 years old. Instructors in training are well informed in understanding the reasons why they focus on this age range.

The clothed massage is:
- For children 4-12 years old
- Given by the children, to each other
- On the back, head, arms and hands
- Given and received with the child’s permission
- 7-10 minutes daily

So far the programme has had great success for children as well as for their parents and teachers. And why is that so? Because human beings need touch for their healthy development.

Children doing the simple routine of our programme lower their stress levels, increasing their chance for better concentration at school and better sleep at home.

We are glad that you show interest and hope you will join the growing team of people dedicated to bring nurturing touch into schools.

“To say that the growing child is affected by her environment is rather an understatement; she is affected by the impressions of the world as deeply as she is affected by the substance of the world…Making sense of the world begins with the sense of touch.”
~Martyn Rawson and Michael Rose

Studies and observations have shown that:
· Children become calmer
· Children have improved concentration
· Children have more confidence
· It helps children recognise ‘good’ and ‘bad’ touch
· Children develop better motor skills
· It teaches children to respect themselves and others
· There is a reduction in bullying and aggression
· A teacher can benefit from a calmer classroom & improved concentration
· Massage is fun!

Massage therapists have also developed massage approaches for individuals with special needs, young children in pre-school, and elderly people living in nursing homes. It is only recently that massage was introduced in schools. It has been done at local levels by individuals searching for ways to help the well-being of children at schools.

Various authors have written books on massage for children. Some of these approaches were for therapeutic reasons and some were developed for massaging children in hospitals. Others were developed for the nurturing touch and the enjoyment of massage, and many times the parents were included.

The idea of children massaging each other was slowly brought to consciousness by individuals who saw that there are amazing ways of improving relationships and social skills among children.

A Better Society
Too many students do not thrive. The day when all children experience school as being positive, has yet to come. It is our task, as adults responsible for raising children, to continue seeking solutions.

Where to start seems to be a challenge in itself, and there are many angles from which this issue can be seen. Of course, the Massage in Schools Programme does not even to try to embrace all the angles. However, as any journey begins with one step, we have a step to propose.

That step finds its basis in human nature. No matter what background, culture or social conditions people come from, we all share a common element that is part of human nature. Careful observation of human nature can lead us to an understanding of who we are and what we need to satisfy our potential.

Full attendance is required of the two-day course which includes:
· Background to the MISP
· Benefits of massage
· Effects of massage
· Studies and research
· Child development
· Children with special needs
· How to implement the MISP
· Child protection
· Support and ethics
· Formal massage routine
· Touch games
· Parent Classes
· Mini MISP (2-3 year olds)

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