Ticket2u Affiliate Links

Market alone? Or get along others join the pie and shares the profit to get more registration numbers? Lets use affiliate links with Ticket2u!

How to create Affiliate Links in Ticket2u?

Who doesn't love reward? It's very simple to work along with your affiliates by just create them an affiliate links and share in social media or any channel available and boost your registration numbers with Ticket2u!

1. Go to My Event

Ticket2U Affiliate Links

Login to Ticket2u > Click on menu button at top right > Go to My Event

2. Go to Dashboard

Ticket2U Affiliate Links

Go to Dashboard

3. Go to Affiliate Tile View

Ticket2U Affiliate Links

Go to Affiliates Tile View

4. Go to Add Affiliate

Ticket2U Affiliate Links

Go to Add Affiliate

5. Edit Affiliate

Ticket2U Affiliate Links

1. Create a title for your affiliate
2. Create your affiliate name as short possible and unique
3. Create cookie life time (hour) - This period of time where the affiliate's conversion stays valid after user clicked the link.
4. Save and market your Affiliate Links

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