Entertainments, Concerts, and Shows Event

The entertainment industry in Malaysia is gradually attaining maturity and our Malaysian Ministry of Tourism and Culture have been active in promoting the arts as part of Malaysian culture, and many performing arts centers have been set up throughout Klang Valley. The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Center, Damansara Performance Arts Center, and PJ Live Arts have become popular and regular venues for these performance events.

Art Expo Malaysia is the country's largest international art event. It is an immensely culture-rich annual festival experience which lasts for 3 to 4 days, and attracts people from all corners of the art industry - from artists and dealers, to amateurs and aficionados. It is a stage for artists to showcase, and for art lovers to admire art. This expo in particular, is one of the few Malaysian destinations for the appreciation of paintings, sculptures and artworks from all over the globe.

Kuala Lumpur International Arts Festival is also among the many cultural festivals that is becoming increasingly commonplace in Malaysia. KLIAF seeks to bring together the entire art industry to engage in a celebration of creativity and diversity with performances ranging from dance and literature, to soprano recitations and street art. The George Town Festival, and the Putrajaya International Islamic Art & Culture Festival are two other immensely successful events which have succeeded at piquing local interest in the arts, and inspiring many others to follow.

Malaysian youths find themselves increasingly drawn to western culture and larger-than-life concerts by popular personalities or musical talents. Some of the more prominent venues for concerts in Malaysia include the Bukit Jalil National Stadium, Stadium Merdeka, and the Genting Arena of Stars. The advent of clubbing and EDM culture among Malaysian youngsters have also drew the attention of large organizers such as Lifescape Asia.

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