Hong Leong Assurance

With Hong Leong Assurance’s (HLA) all-new HLA FiT, you can now get rewarded simply by staying active. HLA FiT is the first fitness app in Malaysia that comes with an integrated Biological Age Model, which empowers Malaysians to stay active and reward their healthy lifestyle. 

The more active you are, the younger your biological age, and the more exciting rewards you will earn, including premium discount vouchers.

So mark your calendar on Saturday 4 May 2019 and join our HLA FiT Run 2019 happening concurrently at the following cities.


Saradise BDC, Jalan Stutong, Kuching Sarawak


Taman Sultan Abdul Azia (Padang Polo)

Batu Pahat

Taman Rekreasi Tasik Y


Tanjung Ketapang, Muar


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