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Showpro Entertainment Sdn. Bhd was established in the year 1989 with a vision for Entertainment by the co-founder Dato’ Dr. Sivakumaran Nair. The has been providing many live bands to various 4 & 5 star hotel trough out the Asia Pacific Region. Showpro Entertainment received strong leadership under Dato’Dr. Sivakumaran Nair’s entrepreneurship skills and garnered a full foundation support domestically and internationally by investors from India, Philippines, and Malaysia. Showpro Entertainment established a sister company ‘Dsn Holding” which mainly dealt with international business from various countries which brought the international markets to enjoy the hospitality in the business sector. Serving for over 33 years in the line of entertainment & event management Showpro Entertainment has successfully completed many micro and giant projects with excellence. We had the opportunity to host and sponsor countless number of artist and musician and have been continuing the services in the entertainment industry. Showpro Entertainment at this point is widely expending its businesses in the entertainment industry and returned into the business of exhibitions, events, concert sand live stage performances with fresh and energetic concepts.

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