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Industries around the world are being disrupted at every level and the playing field is becoming increasingly unpredictable. These are truly the VUCA days – the marketplace is extremely volatile, increasingly uncertain, highly complex and very ambiguous. Building a business during these days can be incredibly risky, and to level the playing field can be a high mountain to climb.The first step in building a successful, sustainable business is a crucial step and this is where Culturistic comes in. At Culturistic, we are all about helping businesses and entrepreneurs create a culture of champions. Our experience of being able to help and encourage other businesses derives from our very own transformation roadmap over the last decade or so with our parent company. Our parent company is at the very pinnacle of being a one-stop logistics hub, a leading Malaysian logistics company with significant regional footprint.Drawing from a rich culture and a deep sense of know-how, experience as well as transformation expertise, we know that the crux of building a business that are both socially responsible and scalable is having cultivate a right culture within the organisation. Hence our name.

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