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Being in a business that marries Art & Nature together, creating masterpieces unique to your own personality; we hope to inspire people and show them a glimpse of what our world is all about; a world of beauty, peace and harmony... Each year we move closer to our goal of creating a greener country by creating more Living Art Pieces and inspiring more lives through our work as we embark on a lifelong journey of improving the lives of people around us through the powerful healing given to us by nature... WTF Earth Festivals will be an annual event held in unique locations in Penang, in hopes of creating more awareness on simple steps and practises that we can achieve in our own homes to improve our own lives and the lives of those around us.By creating fun and unique workshops, interesting artistry and creating good vibes through beautiful music produced by our very own Malaysians...Through this, we move an inch closer each year towards making the world a little better than the time we found it; and maybe someday a different and promising future...

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