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Wanconnect Consulting Group established in line with the high demand from the market for Goods and Services Tax (“GST”) and Income Tax with the objectives to provide comprehensive consultation services to small and medium enterprises (“SME”),multinational and listed companies in Malaysia. We experienced rapidly growth and expanding our business to tailor our professional series to each individual clients’ needs across a broad range of industries. Our combination of the quality of staff and experience with clients and projects will provide excellent value proposition for any business. We spend time understanding your requirement and tailor our solutions to provide you with the required benefit.We believe courteous treatment will create a customer who creates customers. We are providing our clients with not only our service but also quality and professionalism.At Wanconnect, we are committed to deliver excellent client service by providing innovative ideas and solutions for your business. Beyond standards and requirements, integrity is the cornerstone of our business philosophy; in working with staff, in dealing with clients, in relations with authorities.Our mindset is one of moving forward, to expand boundaries, grow, for ourselves, our business, our employees, and our work towards our clients.At Wanconnect, we are committed to deliver exceptional client services across our service line. We aims to provide the support wherever you need it, whatever the size of your organisation. Our slogan is “Your business solution partner”.- GST Advisory- Tax Consultancy & Transfer Pricing- Accounting and GST compliance- HR and Payroll Services- Financial Due Diligence- IPO Advisory- IT Consultancy

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