Malaysia Online Business Expo (MOBE) is an all-inclusive online business type fair which provides a platform for online business owners and entrepreneurs to physically exhibit and sell their products/ services. It’s also a very good chance to create an interactive face- to-face platform between business owners and consumers. Besides exhibiting to consumers, business owners are also able to educate the public regarding online business or what is their business about to generate more online business entrepreneurs. Our targeted visitors are consumers, business owners, young entrepreneurs, people interested in online business and unemployed community.Bringing online to real life is the objective of MOBE. Why bringing online to real life is a necessary? It’s because we could expose more about online business to the public and prevent online fraud cases. Besides that, it is also a chance for online business owners to experience face-to- face interaction. It is also a good opportunity for exhibitors to recognize and understand among each other’s business nature and getting each other’s contact as well.MOBE would like to raise awareness among all participants regarding Malaysia’s cyber law acts and security threats collaboration government bodies such as Malaysia Cyber Security. This is due to e-commerce industry would be playing a major role in the upcoming Malaysia’s economy. MOBE plays a role guiding participants to aware the treat of Cyber-security that affects our purchasing behavior, practice the right way to understand what is online business about.

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