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Incorporated in 2004, Syntax Technologies Sdn. Bhd. is a solutions provider for businesses of all sizes and within all industries. The modus-operandi of our business is focused on Software Consultancy, Sales, Training and Support. Our success in helping empower business owners was recognised through rapid growth in clients. We are proud that our growth was fueled by recommendations from existing clients. We strive to continue providing excellent products and services to our clients and envision being a dynamic and successful solutions provider for our clients.SYNTAX is driven by the leadership of Bryan Cheong Chee San, CEO and the founder of the Company. He has more than 13 years of experience in the software consultancy industry. Under stewardship of Bryan Cheong, the Company has achieved its rapid growth till todate. He is also the columnist for China Press GST Q&A Coloum and also author for 3 best selling book, GST Tax Code & SQL GST Guide(Chinese & English)Bryan have his own YOUTUBE channel ( with around 1,000,000 viewing and a Facebook Fan Page ( with more than 60,000 followers who constantly following the updates, and the number is keep increasing.His success in helping empower business owners was recognised through business awards that being attained, namely SME Recognition Award 2015 and also 2016, Sin Chew Business Excellence Award 2016, Nan Yang Golden Eagle Award 2016 and so on.Today, “Bryan Cheong” himself has become a brand name in GST Seminar & also accounting and payroll software market. This make him a CEO who also a Best Selling Author, Speaker and Consultant. We do more than client empowerment, we transform them. We always see ourselves as business “Transformer”. Whenever there is business; we will be there to make it better.SQL Accounting & Payroll SystemSales销售 | Training培训 | Support支援012-6639318 | [email protected] |

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