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Kalyx Consultants

Kalyx Consultants is a valued base professional firm located at Penang & Alor Setar. We have established for 16 years since year 2003.We are a group of professional chartered accountants, tax specialists and business consultants dedicated to advise and assist Malaysian businesses grow by enhancing the values of their businesses which leads to the success in businesses.We tailor unique and independent consulting services to local and international clientele by turning knowledge into value for the benefits of our clients, our people and the community as a whole.We recognize the human capital as the most important resources in Kalyx Consultants. We continuously develop the Kalyxian from inside out and ultimately to achieve the high quality of personal development.We actively involved in CSR events & activities which are for the benefits of the community especially in the area of enhancing and supporting the education as we believe education is a basis of the development. 楷立商业顾问是一間位於北馬槟城州快速成長的专业特许会计师事务所。我们的会计事务所在二零零三年槟城州成立,目前已十六年余。在这十六年的岁月里,我们历经了业务低潮到高潮,过程中一直不断改进以提升自身的商业价值是我们秉持的宗旨。我们拥有一支专业的团队,团队里可分别为特许会计师,税务专家和企业顾问。其存在的目的是建议和协助马来西亚企业成长和提升它们自身的商业价值进而扶持企业迈向成功。我们以独特和独立的咨询服务通过将自身知识转化为价值为本地和国际客户,人民与社会提供福利。我们清楚知道人力资本为公司最重要的资產。因此,我们不断发展壮大我们的员工,确保他们通过内部和外部的充分培訓,以讓他們配备了高品质的思维来帮助他们个人发展。我们也致力于持續创造和開發发展机会給予社区,積極参与企业社会责任活动以筹集资金用于有需要的人。更尤其重视教育领域上的发展,因为我们相信教育是一个国家发展的根基。唯有帮助他们扎下深厚的根,他们才会在未来的国家发展上发光发热。

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