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SL Software Solutions Sdn Bhd provides high quality business software solutions for companies. As an authorized dealer in both AutoCount Software and Million Software, we have worked with over 500 companies in multiple sectors, which include manufacturers, trading, services, retail and restaurants, throughout the years. SL Software Solutions aims to provide the best care for our clients. We offer our best solutions in the form of consultancy, network implementation and support, custom software and technology solutions. A strength of SL Software Solutions is our team of programmers that writes specific programs and software for a client’s specific problem. As each client’s business requirements are different, we use a blend of creative and strategic planning in order to address any difficulties a client might face to come up with the best software solution. In order to use a business software solution, one must know the ins and outs of it in order effectively use and gain the most out of the software. SL Software Solutions provides extensive training to our client and clients’ staff as well as the proper support after the fact. Our team works tirelessly to ensure a client’s business and accounting software is updated and maximized to its fullest potential. Today’s fast-moving technology, demands that business solutions have high productivity with unmatchable quality. SL Software Solutions is geared toward ensuring clients’ business requirements are met and clients can confidently run their businesses as efficiently and as effectively as possible.

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