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House Of Trainings is built on PASSION and was established since year 2011 with a continuous growth from Rick2Net Coaching Center as an individual trainer/speaker that offers a wide range of Alternative Education Programs, Personal Development Programs, Continuing Education Programs, Corporate Programs & Public Programs for individuals, professionals and organisations. Our core competency is mainly focus on non-academic skills such as Soft Skills, Life Skills and Personal Development which we classify them as Alternative Education.On top of these training and consultancy services we provide, we are also Malaysia''s first in providing Overseas University Certified Programs in Alternative Education. Lightlow Music Born in the east coast of Kelantan, Simon Low started off as a young musician at the age of 13 who had passion in playing guitar. What started as a bedroom hobby turned into a purpose when Simon met his like minded musician mates in Universiti Sains Malaysia. Since then Simon has been invited to perform as a guitarist in live musical concerts.During four years of tertiary education, Simon studied Electrical Engineering which later helped him in music engineering. The ability to understand sound signals and waveforms from the perspective of acoustic engineering sets Simon apart from ordinary musicians.Inspired by international music producers, Simon explored into the world of electronic music. Simon picked up digital DJ skills and worked his way to becoming a digital performing artist. Today in local Penang scene, Simon is commonly known as a DJ who spins House, Tropical House, Future House music and produces Chillstep originals - DJ Lightlow.

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