Ticket2U 2021 Portfolio

Ticket2u| 19 Apr 2021

Proudly present you our latest portfolio. Ticket2U 2021 Portfolio.

1. Watch our 1 minute video introduction to get better understanding. Click here to watch.

2. We are No.1 Online Ticketing and Pioneer in Event Technology. Proven and undeniable.

3. No second chance for event. Never failed it!

4. Payment Gateway, E-Ticket, Check-In, Marketing Tools. We have it all!

5. Can't sleep well specially when event date is getting closer? Try us. You will get addicted how we simplify your event and make it even more professional.

6. These are always our mission. Queue-less. Contact-less. Cash-less. and Paper-less. And we always achieved it.

7. Our market is bigger than you thought we are. It's mean, we are super experienced!

8. 80% ticket transacted on mobile nowadays. Be it in Android, iOS or Huawei. Download Ticket2U App now.

9. Beside user app, we have Check-In Manager and Lead Manager App FREE download and scan for our clients.

10. 4 main focus of what we do. 1. Online Ticketing. 2. Onsite Check-In. 3. IoT Kiosk / Gate System. 4. Interactive Systems.

11. Ticket2U Facial Recognition is the best of all. Built In-House. Most convenient and easy to deploy.

12. 15,861+ events been held and managed. From sports, to concert, to business events, to theme parks, to virtual events and even charity donations. The largest and No.1 in Malaysia.

13. We have served private, public, government, and NGO sectors events almost everyday. Making sure event is a success and impressed.

14. Too many events footages. Watch it at our YouTube channel.

15. We believed you are impressed on our work. Contact us now!

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