Ticket2U Introduce AI Photo - NO MORE PHOTO BOOTH

Ticket2u| 11 Nov 2021

No more photo booth, everything online, live 24/7, with Facial Recognition search, fast and convenient. Ticket2U AI Photo. Our AI Photo will change the whole event and theme park industry by replacing physical photo booth with AI and as simple as on everyone smart phones, you can find your exciting moments of photos, captured by professional photographers and download or purchase it instantly, anytime, anywhere, without needed to search from bulk album, but with your face of selfie or photo, we matched and filtered out for you instantly!

No more Photo Booth required!

Why no more photo booth? Why using our AI Photo?

  1. Never miss a sale. During or after your visitor left the park / event
  2. No more bulk search. Every photo match with faces
  3. Re-marketing anything for sales
  4. 24/7 anytime anywhere
  5. White-labeling
  6. Photographer 1-Click Upload
  7. Photographer Commission Management
  8. Add-On Purchase for hardcopy printing, souvenirs, delivery selections
  9. We accept any payment methods be it VISA/MASTER, FPX, Local Payment, or E-Wallets
  10. Pay-Per-Used services. No setup and license fee needed

Gala or Awards Dinner? Sports Marathon? Business Events? Free or Paid photo? So much application!

Event usage sample. Suitable for cycling, marathons, gala dinner, awards, business events and much more.

Photographer 1-Click Upload

Face Recognition Technology Photos Of You at KLSCM 2022!

Ticket2U working with KLSCM 2022 using AI Photo

Need Ticket2U AI Photo services for your Events, Theme Parks or Venue?

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