Ticket2U, Malaysia Largest Concert Ticketing Provider

Ticket2u| 22 Jun 2023

Largest in Malaysia, Professional Concert Ticketing Provider with 20,000+ event hosted and issued millions of tickets annually. 

Why Ticket2U?

  1. Ticket2U provides efficient ticket sales with proven no downtime or laggy experiences as we have 25+ years of system development experiences and unlimited scalability of cloud system.
  2. Ticket2U helps concert organisers in generating higher revenue by providing secured platform and most transparent and lower rate in payment gateway by accepting all types of payment channels with no hassle. Our platforms comes with ready promotional tools to accomodate any promotional campaigns, add-on purchases also affiliate marketing tools.
  3. Ticket2U provides valuable insights for audience management, live dashboard, seating charts management, block seat and payment links at a click, 24/7 easily for concert organisers. We have complete data on ticket sales, attendee demographics which belongs only to the concert organisers to be able to understand and plan better for their next events, improve marketing strategies and expectations of attendees and sales.
  4. Ticket2U have the strictest access control and security during concert check-in. We have no tolerant to secondary market sales, ticket scalpers and bot transactions. We have stopped thousands of fake tickets on entrances and always ensure authenticity and fairness to all the concert goers to prevent unauthorised entry and transactions.
  5. Ticket2U has various marketing channels for concert organisers in term of concert promotions. We have very large audiences from every social media platform such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linked-In, YouTube channel and TikTok with daily updates and posts. We have millions of user base that can be reach by banners, monthly email newsletter subscribers, scoring highest web traffic among other ticketing websites or platforms. The best part is, Ticket2U have several large screen billboards in Kuala Lumpur that will feature concert promotional specially for our loyalty clients to help boost sales and awareness for the upcoming concerts. (Read more)
  6. Ticket2U is the only platform who cares about customer support. Hence we have Ticket2U Livechat Services which can be easily access anytime anywhere just while the user browsing at our website. Our customer supports services handle inquiries, payments, refunds which we take the burden off from the concert organisers and ensure attendees have a positive experience with the ticketing process and concert experience. (Contact us)

Ticket2U 2022 - 2023 Concerts Highlight

Ticket2U 2022 - 2023 Chinese & Korea Concerts

Ticket2U 2022 - 2023 Chinese & Korea Concerts

Ticket2U handled most Largest Concerts held in National Stadium Bukit Jalil

Ticket2U handled most Largest Concerts held in National Stadium Bukit Jalil

Ticket2U handled famous concerts such as artists like Dewa, Melly, Rossa, ST12, Aina Abdul, Ungu, and many many more!

Ticket2U handled famous concerts such as artists like Dewa, Melly, Rossa, ST12, Aina Abdul, Ungu, and many many more!

Ticket2U Records Breaking Concerts

Ticket2U Handles Music Festivals with Smooth and Professional Delivery

Be it 10,000+, or 100,000+ audiences for large scale events such as music festival, countdown events, oversea artists performances, we delivered with professional and smooth check-in.

Ticket2U 2022 - 2023 Concerts Statistics

Within a year, we have completed over few hundreds of concerts and music festivals in Malaysia. The most important is Ticket2U has never failed a single client and we delivered with sold-out and smoothest buying and check-in experiences. Being the only made by Malaysian largest ticketing company, we strive to deliver top-notch technology that on par with world-class concert experiences.

Ticket2U delivered more than 200+ concert in a year

Ticket2U Strictest Access Control and Security

Ticket2U, the only ticketing provider who revived 100 gates from National Stadium Bukit Jalil with Ticket2U Gate Controllers for A.R.Rahman and Blackpink concerts. Ticket2U, also the only ticketing provider who installed strictest check-in with turnstiles for Axiata Arena for concerts such as Dewa, Fazura, Malaysia Master 2023 (Badminton) and more.

Read more about Ticket2U IoT Check-In Gates technology

  1. Ticket2U revived National Stadium Gates to fully automate
  2. Ticket2U + PR Worldwide Checked-In 60k Blackpink fans in less than 2 hours
  3. Ticket2U x Perodua Malaysia Master 2023 (Badminton) - 6 days at Axiata Arena
  4. Ticket2U Facial Recognition Check-In for Theme Parks

Ticket2U Malaysia, Ticket2U Singapore and Ticket2U Indonesia

A company, brand with reputation, trusted by millions and professional in concert ticketing, seating charts, promotional and marketing, also stadiums and venue check-in, redemptions and ticket or wristband printing.

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