MIA : Get To Know YC Chia, Founder Of Ticket2u

Ticket2u| 14 Mar 2020

Get To Know YC Chia, Founder Of Ticket2u

What we built is what is demanded in the market, and our services, our leads, are all recommended and addictive to the market

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Hey there, YC. Welcome to Marketing In Asia and truth be told, I am excited to know about you and Ticket2u! So YC, let’s talk about you first. Tell our readers here about yourself and your passion. 

I love everything about IT, technology and programming since I’m 11... But I knew, as an IT entrepreneur, I need to fix a very simple problem, which is online ticketing, online listing, online payment, online check-in, which is solving each and every traditional event manager’s problem... 

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Walk us through what Ticket2u is all about. 

Ticket2U is an online ticketing and event management platform that helps...

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Growing up in a low-income family in Lahad Datu, Sabah must not have been easy and despite the struggle, you did not deter for one second to be who you are today. As a well-known entrepreneur who exudes a strong sense of passion and responsibility for your business, what are some of the challenges you faced, YC? 

Technology and solution wise are never our problem. The challenge I’m more concerned now is...

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Let’s talk about Ticket2u, YC. From my understanding – and correct me if I’m wrong, Ticket2u’s platform sales lead is automated, which requires less effort to market the product. My question is, how do you ensure that it continues to scale the business and services especially managing a growing customer base without affecting quality and service?

... As you may have asked, why don’t we hire extra to handle more sales and projects?...

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There are no errors allowed during the event. Imagine we are scanning and checking in 5,000 pax on an event within an hour...

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Now, Ticket2u also boasts its treasure of Big Data – it can harvest powerful insights on customers’ behaviour especially in spending and trends. In doing so, this will enable Ticket2u to collaborate with partners to build powerful marketing and advertising tools to help brands identify their captive audience and enhance sales conversion.

Could you explain further how this can amplify the brands and strategically provide consumers with the engagement that they desire in today’s competitive landscape? 

Yes, definitely! Big Data can help us analyse user behaviours and better targeting through ads or specific partners. The best part of Ticket2U...

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What do you hope to achieve for Ticket2u in the next couple of years, YC? 

We hope to create an ecosystem that makes Ticket2U a daily needed app used by millions...

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