EP 34: #MCO Key Takeaways By Experts (YC Chia, Founder of Ticket2U)

Ticket2u| 11 Jun 2020

EP 34: #MCO Key Takeaways By Experts

3 minutes sharing by YC Chia, Founder of Ticket2U

Message by Carol Fung,

In this episode (#34) I've reached out to YC Chia (CEO and Founder of Ticket2u) to share what he had to go through during MCO where hundreds of events were cancelled. Making an event successful is their bread and butter.

But surprisingly, he and his team supported many NGOs during trying times event supported our #eCommerceKAKI's Donation Drive (during MCO) and that turn out so well for Ticket2U. Amazing story to tell.

A fellow Sabahan, here's his sharing and key takeaways of how they survived the crisis.

Keep it up YC and Team. Salute to your team and thanks for helping me and the community out during the donation drive.

Source from: https://www.facebook.com/yeong.land/posts/10158289480699920


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