3As of Remote Working

Due to COVID-19, companies are asking employees to work remotely, but many don’t have experience running a remote workforce. It’s abrupt with little time to think about the “how”.  And it’s not just the company that is inexperienced, your employees don’t know either how to operate in a remote working environment. 

At a time when there is concern about the economy, companies have to figure out how to achieve safety for employees and also be productive at the same time. So I came up with some simple rules for your people who are new to remote working. We call this the 3As of Remote Working

1) Active You are expected to be actively working on your laptop or in a meeting during your normal working hours, just like you would be if you were in the office.  

2) Accessible You are expected to be accessible by your colleagues who need to have discussions with you, as though you were in the office.  

3) Accountable Work must be documented on a timely basis, if needed to be reviewed. And you are expected to answer every morning (based on SCRUM):

 - what was done yesterday 

 - what blocked you from completing what you committed yesterday 

 - what you’ll complete today  

That’s it. Hope you the 3As useful as a basic guideline for your employees who are new to remote working.


https://www.ticket2u.com.my/blog/11/3As of Remote Working

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