Instant Scan and Print QR Code Badges for Exhibitions, Conferences, Concerts Tickets

Product News & Tips| 11 Aug 2020

An instant action from scanning your E-Ticket or Facial while checking in to an event, Ticket2U print your event badges, or wristband, or tickets, or stickers instantly within second.

Customisable - Own Design, Logo, Layout

Every event have your own badges requirement, sizes, design and information to be printed on. With Ticket2U, all your requirement solved. We have printed millions of badges, tickets and wristbands for hundreds over events without a single failure during event check-in.

1. Concert Ticket, REPC Ticket, Queue Ticket, Thermal Sticker, RFID Card, PVC Card

2. Exhibition, Seminar, Conference, Theme Park and Event Badges or Wristbands

Scan E-Ticket QR Code, Checked-In, Print

The steps are almost automated. You don't event need much crew to touch on the devices except assisting some older generation on scanning their phones or invitation qr code. Our solution has proven queue-less and fastest ever with more than hundreds of events and millions of users experienced. Scan QR Code or Facial Recognition, Automate Checked-In Status and No Duplication Allow, then Print Badges or Tickets instantly. You and your crew don't event need to have any IT knowledge. Just watch your live dashboard and focus on your ground setup, leave the registration to us. We can handle more small to very large event without long queue that will surprised you and your guest. Very often, we've been complaint by photographer who can't captured the scene of queue.

Client Event Sample - More Event Video can be found at Ticket2U Youtube Channel.

What type of Badges you Print?

All badges can be designed to include your company and event branding.

  1.  Concert Ticket Pre-designed Ticket2u Thermal Concert Ticket. We can print your concert details, sections, rows, and seat on the spot, or delivery, or collection.
  2.  Lanyard sized name badges can be custom designed to include the guests name on one side and any further information on the other side, eg a conference schedule, exhibition map or other details.
  3.  Sticker style is just that – a name badge guests can print out and stick straight on their label. Best for Gala Dinner, Seating Chart, and Theater events.
  4.  Wristband Waterproof or art paper wristband. Best for theme park and gated entry event.
  5.  PVC Card / RFID Card – cost higher, but stylist, elegant, just like any of your access card or credit card size, durable and can be customized for content, images, or even faces.

Flexible settings to adjust for printing

Ticket2U could be the first in the world who open printing settings to non technical or non IT personnel who can adjust the printing layout by events, for wristband, or badges, or tickets from different sizes or variant.

Screenshot above shows the backend on how to adjust the data, sizes and layout for your event badges or wristband with only drag and drop, and you don't need to understand a single coding. When everything set, it just print automatically for your guest during their check-in.

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