Zoo Negara need your help! November 2020

Fundraising| 18 Nov 2020

Time is hard for everyone ever since the lockdown of MCO and CMCO due to Covid-19 pandemic. The Zoo Negara has again forced to temporary shut down the gate for visit and this has also shut down the revenue stream, same it also shut down the expenses for foods to the animals in the zoo.

Zoo Negara Adoption Online Channel at Ticket2U

You can make adoption as low as RM25 with E-Cert

Understand that it's not easy for everyone like us while this pandemic been around since early of 2020. Please the animals in Zoo Negara by adopting them to get thru this pandemic moments. You can choose to adopt with your favorites animals and amount easily with the official adoption online channel thru #Ticket2U at https://www.ticket2u.com.my/event/18171?r=bl2  

For more information, visit Zoo Negara at



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