Ticket2U Traffic Counter V2

Ticket2u| 03 Mar 2021

Ticket2U Traffic Counter V2 integrated and partnered with FFC to provide you the most accurate people counting system designed to optimize business operations and efficiency. From exhibitions to conferences hall, retail chains to shopping malls, from airports to public venues, our TTC offers easiest installation and display visitor capacity instantly on your premises.

Ticket2U Traffic Counter V2

New Partnership, New Technology - FootFallCam

World's No.1 People Counting System FootfallCam 3D MAX is a UK-engineered people counter, designed to optimize business operations and efficiency. FootFallCam since 2002. Read more. Ticket2U - We believe integrated with FFC, this will increase the accuracy and automate the counting process for our existing clients and event usages.

TTC Video Explaination

Easy Installation

As you will notice at some premises or shopping mall entrance, most has installed visitor counters on top of entrance wall. It's so easy to install with only two points needed. Our TTF can be powered up by just it's LAN/network cable. It can run with WIFI dongle and the rest of the functions will automatically execute over internet to your dashboard and monitoring.

CMCO / RMCO Post Pandemic SOP Complicance

Deploying an additional display counter for public are simple. All you need is a browser and HDMI to any display either tablet, LCD or TV.

By complying to government SOP on visitor limiting and social distancing, visitor counter will be your best option to deploy on your premises to avoid over crowded with capacity allowance.

Book now and make your visitor feel safe and impress!

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