Ticket2U Featured on Astro, MYFM and Melody FM

Ticket2u| 30 May 2021

Thanks to Astro in helping SME during the pandemic. Ticket2U felt extremely thankful in this pandemic to be able to shine out loud at 3 TV channels in Astro (AEC, Hua Hee Dai and Quan Jia), as well as Malaysia No.1 Mandarin Radio Channel MYFM and Melody FM.

Our radio broadcast will be air on 1st June 2021. Fell free to listen to our radio ads at below link

Our TVC broadcast will be live at 10th June 2021. Feel free to watch our TVC ad below link

Beside, Melody FM has posted an article about How to organize event after MCO 3.0

MCO 3.0 过后,还能继续办活动吗?


We hope all Malaysian to stay home safe, keep social distancing and we will get thru this pandemic and back stronger than ever. See you all!

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