Post MCO Training SOP

Event Planning| 12 Jun 2020

Here's the summarized of the guideline been updated.

We have summarized some important guideline in checklist for your easy reading,

  1. Temperature scan - High temperature individual must not allow access to training facilities
  2. Face mask - Wear all the time
  3. Contact Tracing - All participants must be traceable before, during and after training
  4. Hand Sanitiser - Available at entrance
  5. Social Distancing - Maintain 1 metre distance with each other at anytime
  6. Consumable - No sharing for F&B. Limited to materials
  7. Venue Disinfection
  8. Attendance Limitation - Depending on venue size. Refer formula calculation in the guideline
  9. 1 Entry 1 Exit - Ideally 1 dedicated entry and exit point
  10. Seating Arrangement - 1M min. Depending on table and arrangement. Refer guideline
  11. No Contact Activities - No physical contact or close group activities / discussion allow
  12. QR / Facial Registration - Digital registration advisable for contactless writing or touching

To read the full version of HRDF (1.0), please refer the link below

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