Sell Your Event Tickets with Facebook Now!

Event Planning| 07 Jul 2020

Sell Your Event Tickets with Facebook Now!

Triple up your ticket sales with Facebook now! With Ticket2U one click check-out and payment link with affiliates link and conversion tracking, you can now boost up your sales immediately on Facebook Event, Facebook Sales and Facebook Offers.

Ticket2U and Facebook are perfect pair to boost up your event ticket sales instantly and easily

Why your should sell with Ticket2U and Facebook + Instagram?

Facebook are now holding the largest pool of social media users, secondly come with their sister app, Instagram. Reaching to these audiences are no longer required professional marketer but you can now easily do it yourself with simple click on ads boosting. Instead of boosting your post, do you know you can directly drive sales, registration and payments gateway to triple up your ticket sales and lesser efforts on your traditional sales methods? With simple click, purchase, like and shares, your event tickets selling are almost automate generating passive income for you every minutes.

How to sell your event ticket with Facebook?

With simple steps required, within minute, your ticket sales can go public, reaching massive audiences who may interested on your event.

  1. Create your event and setup ticket sales in Ticket2U
  2. Create your affiliate link in Ticket2U. Copy your link
  3. Create an event in your Facebook Page
  4. Insert your affiliate link in Admission > Add Ticket Link
  5. Track your sales at Ticket2U Dashboard

1. Create event in Ticket2U

Create a free event listing, or paid event listing in Ticket2U. If you need assistant, please contact us and we will assign you an event coordinator to assist on your sales setup.

2. Create affiliate link in Ticket2U

Read more on this article on creating an affiliate link in Ticket2U.

3. Create your Ticketed Facebook Event

Creating event in Facebook can increase your awareness to public based on their finding, area, similar events and recommendations from Facebook by your friends activates. The most important is all these tools are free!

4. Insert your Affiliate link for Sales Tracking

Now, you can easily scroll to the bottom can insert your ticket sales link. We recommend that your can create your affiliate link in Ticket2U to monitor your sales tracking and conversion.

5. Track your Sales now!


Affiliate Tracking

You have come to the final funnel now, which is wait for your ticket sales to grow! Boost your event in Facebook, share your Facebook event post, and get as much attention possible to the right group of interested audience. For those who are right targeted, they will easily find the Buy Ticket button from your post and direct them right to the ticket sales registration page.

Are you ready to triple up your ticket sales with Ticket2U and Facebook?

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